Animated sculpture workshop (dialog between artists &their surroundings)


It was a conceptual sculpture workshop designed by prominent young artist Mr.Mahabubur Rahaman. It was a weeklong art workshop, where nine-selected young artists from Chittagong take part as participating artists. All participating artists worked with artist Mahabubur Rahaman for one week, after that they worked for 10 days for developing everyone’s individual work.

At this workshop, all artists use fiberglass as common material & everyone tried to use their own mechanical experiences for making the meaningful movement of sculpture.

Gossiping / Lucky Barua.

1. Abu Naser Robii (Freelance artist)
2. Joy Deb Roaja (Art instructor owner of child’s art school)
3. Hasnahena Porosh (Art instructor of Bangladesh Shishu Academy, ctg.)
4. Lucky Barua (Student of fine arts C.U.)
5. Sreekanto Acharjee. (Student of fine arts C.U.)
6. Satadal Barua (Student of fine arts C.U.)
7. Anjan Chakrabarty (Student of fine arts C.U.)
8. Kajol (Student of fine arts C.U.)
9. Abul Fazal Munna. (Freelance artist)

Loneliness/ Srikanto acharjee.

The Bureaucratic Puppet Show/ Joydeb Roaja.
Ending of life/ Satadal Barua
The banana family/ Hasnahena Porosh.
Freedom-2/ Abu Naser robii.

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