1st Site-Specific Art camp in Porapara

29th April-4th May 2005
Porapara site specific art camp started at patenga in 2005, It was an international art event, we invited an artist from Sri Lanka and other from Egypt to join with us, 3 artist from Dhaka (Britto arts trust) and 10 artist from Chittagong had been joined at the event. We select site for the camp the nearest river bank beside our space, The area was historically reach for it’s tradition for making wooden boat. and it was the ending point of the river KARNAPHULI.
We angaized approximately 2000 people with our event by local communication. most of them was student from the secondary school and art institute.After finishiog the camp we open all the art activities for the public. it was a croud day long event in the rever side.
Artist did various experimental site specific installation and performances during the event in porapara, it was a weak long initiative .
1.Malak Halmi, Ezypt
2.Anura Krishantha, Srilanka
3.Imran Hossain Piplu,Dhaka,Bangladesh.
4.Roni Ahmed,Dhaka,Bangladesh
5.Abu Naser Robii, Chittagong,Bangladesh
6.Joydev Roaza,Chittagong,Bangladesh
7.Hasnahena Porosh,Chittagong,Bangladesh
8.Umme Habiba Sumi,Chittagong,Bangladesh
9.Lucky Barua,Chittagong,Bangladesh
10.Sreekanta Acharjee,Chittagong,Bangladesh
11.Tejosh Halder Josh,Dhaka,Bangladesh.
12.Satadal Barua,Chittagong,Bangladesh
13.Raihan Ahmed Rafi,Chittagong,Bangladesh
14.Belayet Hossain Belu,Chittagong,Bangladesh
When peace comes to the earth/Artist: Imran Hossain Piplu & Artist: Tejosh Halder Josh-Dhaka B.D.
” History of a parrot ” Painted on the roadside by Artist Ronni Ahmed( Dhaka)
The Tree Chain/ Satadal Barua, Chittagong, Bangladesh
The river Garden / Artist:Anura Krishantha -Sri Lanka
The Childhood / Artist:Umme Habiba Sumi
Leaf & Life – Installation by Artist Abu Naser Robii
Still Alive / Raihan Ahmed Rafi
Painting Displayed by Artist Kazi ( Dhaka)
Save the River, Save the Life / Sreekanta Acharjee
Effected Green /Artist: Joydev Roaza
Save Us / Artist:Lucky Barua
????? Ostrich Nest/Artist: Malak Halmi ( Alekjandrya – Ezypt)
Death / Artist:Belayet Hossain Belu
Who am I? / Artist:Hasnahena Porosh
Workshop Open Studio Day

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