Linocut workshop


Porapara space for artists dedicated to developing skills of local artists. It has organized many media workshops for artists to support them. Linocut workshop is one of that. In this workshop, there are 13 young artists working together under the supervision of artist Mr.Mahbubur Rahman.

The participants working at the linocut workshop:
1.Sanoy – Art college Ctg.
2. Sharmin ara -Art college Ctg.
3.Shahjida Akter- Art college Ctg.
4. Rashu Chowdhury- Art college Ctg.
5. Sharad Das-Chittagong University.
6. Palash Bhattacharjee- -Chittagong University.
7. Ripon Shaha–Chittagong University.
8.Shah Muhamed Didarul alam dipu- Art college Ctg.
9Md Bulbul Islam–Chittagong University.
10. Shahida Begum Tutu–Chittagong University.
11. Lucky Barua –Chittagong
12. Md. Abu naser Robii.

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