Britto Bookmaking Workshop-2008

( A conceptual Artist book-making project run by Artist Dr.Paula Sengupta from Rabindra Bharati University, India.)


Artist was working together under the instruction of Artist Dr.Paula Senguptha. They use the Etching intaglio printing process and the silk screen printing process for making the conceptual artist book, each artist made one book by using their own idea and thought, Artist Joy dev Roaja, Art student Ripon Saha and Didarul Alom Dipu was helping the project in Porapara. Many art students from Chittagong Art College and the Fine arts department visited the workshop activity within workshop time, Britto will start the 2nd part of this workshop in Dhaka on the 22nd of Jun in Britto Studio, Elephant road. Britto arts trusts hope to show the final product to the public after finishing the project in Dhaka this month.

Participants artists:
Sanjib Datta,Sufia Begum,Jahed ali yvoraj,Satabdhi Sum,Bivol Saha,Abu Naser Robii

Venue: Porapara Space for Artists
Charbasthi, Patenga, Chittagong-4205

Time : 5th Jun-10th Jun

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