1st Porapara video art workshop

workshop logo

Porapara space for artists organized a 15days long video art workshop for art students to implement video art with an educational approach, Korean video artist Mr.Jewn Park conduct the workshop with the technical cooperation of porapara team. 15 art students participated in the workshop. We organized a 3 days open studio event at Jila Shilpakala Academy, Chittagong which was open for all.

Workshop detail:

(15th June to 30th June)

11am to 5pm every day

Open Studio: 12th July(5 pm to 9 pm)


1. Raihan Ahmed Rafi
2. Palash Bhattacharjee

Workshop Volunteers:

* Zihan Karim


Porapara City Space, Cinema Palace.


1. Dilara Begum Jolly

2. Zahed Ali Yuvoraj

3. Aloptoghin Tushar

4. Shayla Sharmin Shathi

5. Taslima Akhtar Badhon

6. Shatabdi Shome

7. Sohrab Jahan

8. monjur Alam

9. mehrun Akhter Shumi

10. Afsana Sharmin Zhuma

11. Arifuzzaman

12. Jessica Tasnim

13. Ripon

14. Farah Naz moon

15. Apu Dhar

Plan for Workshop:

day 1Theoretical Presentation: Open Discussion: Sample Presentation:

day 2Presentation of Jewon Park:

day 3Technical Orientation Camera Software Presentation Ideas

day 4Concept Development and planning / idea generate

day 5-7Shooting Shooting Shooting

day 8-9Editing Editing

day 10-12Shooting Shooting Shooting

day 13-14Editing Editing —Open Studio

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