Conceptual painting workshop

Conducted by: Spanish Artist Diaz Monus- Spain.
Workshop Venue: Fulki School, Nandan Kanon, Chittagong.

Date: 8-14th September-2011

Spanish artist Mr. Diaz Monus conducts a conceptual painting workshop at porapara with the art student from Chittagong. 24 young artists were benefited directly from the workshop, the trainer artist introduce the everyday object as an art material for making the painting. during the workshop, the student and instructor produce approximately 200 pieces of painting. we exhibit 65 selected paintings for the audience at the end of the workshop, we use the Fulki school venue as the workshop venue and exhibit the outcome of the workshop in the Theatre Institute of Chittagong. the show was open to the public for 10 days. we publish a little publication about the activities.

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