Established: In 2004.

Porapara Space for Artists
(An artists lead alternative space)

Founder: Abu Naser Robii.
Co-founder: Mr.Joydev Roaja, Lucky Barua, Hasna Hena arash, Satadal Barua, Raihan Ahammed Rafi

Working Team ( 2007-2012): Afsana Sharmin Zhuma, Rashidul Hasan Sharif, Bulbul Isam, Palash Bhattacarya, Ripon Saha, Farah Naz Moon, and Sharad Das.

Support Seniors: Artist Moinul Alam, Professor Dhali Al Mamun, Artist Mahbubur Rahaman (Dhaka), Artist Tyeba Begum Lipi (Dhaka).

Support Local: Mazharul Alam Titumir, Musa Alam Masud, Hanif Talukdar, Nasir uddin (Driver), Abdul, Naris Miazi, Ikramul hauque Illi, Abul Ansar Manik, Zia, Mamun, Sumon and many more from Bijoy Nagar and Charbasthi village Comunity.

Porapara Space for Artists was founded in 2004. Porapara is situated in the village of Charbasthi, next to the Chittagong Sha-Amanat International Airport and near the sea beach of the Bay of Bengal and Karnaphuli rivers.

Porapara is an artist-run initiative with a mission to provide basic logistical, mediation, and production support for emerging artists. In its first 3 years of operation, the space has run community projects with local village people, as well as with artists from around the country and abroad. We have organized workshops, residency programs, an exhibition, public art projects, and artists’ talks. Porapara is a platform for public communication through artistic activity.
Bangladeshi contemporary artists are in great need of alternative spaces for experimental and research work, in order to develop the visual arts in Bangladesh both nationally and internationally. We critically need more exchange programs (workshops, residencies) within the country as well as internationally, to develop cultural experiences and ideas. These kinds of exchanges are a powerful and proven medium to construct cultural bridges between practitioners from different backgrounds and nations. Therefore, our aim is to develop the space of Porapara with adequate resources for artists’ research, workshop, and studio facilities.
Porapara already has accommodation for two artists and one common studio space, very basically equipped. Our plan is to expand and add studios with multimedia, ceramic and print-making facilities; as well as accommodation for five artists to stay and work for short periods. Since 2004, Porapara has been established, developed, and supported almost entirely by our own money. As practicing artists in Bangladesh, we have extremely limited funds to develop Porapara to an international level.

We currently are seeking funding for 2 key elements of the project, the media studio, and the additional 2 residency space

goals of the project:


Contemporary art in Bangladesh is at a crossroads. There are many good ingredients in the country – abundant young artists, the natural environment, cultural diversity within regions – but the resources are simply not available anywhere in the country to realize this potential. We need to develop real infrastructure and facilities to enable the potential of the visual arts in Bangladesh.

We know that contemporary art around the world is flourishing with conceptual intelligence and creative exploration. As a South Asian developing country, we want to be a part of this movement. Despite our obvious limitations of huge poverty, high population, and capacity for natural disasters, we believe we can use our local experiences positively as a catalyst for artistic development.


The Porapara space for artists is dedicated to empowering young and experimental energies in visual art, and to the application of art for the larger social purpose via engaging with the general public through artistic activity.

Porapara was founded to address an almost total lack in Bangladesh – even in the major cities – of functional space for the artistic encounters of all kinds: that is, for meetings, presentations, discussion, and the exhibition of work that falls outside the limited conventions of the current gallery system.

As Porapara’s founders and practicing Bangladeshi artists ourselves, we have a broad experience of the contemporary international art world, and of the current situation amongst Bangladeshi art institutions, galleries, and practitioners. We also have strong connections in the village community around Porapara, where Abu Naser Robii has lived and worked for over 30 years.
The Porapara project aims to provide space for encounters between urban and rural knowledge systems – a place where city-based artists can come for concentrated research, production and discourse; and a platform to share dialogue, art, and understanding with locals in the village. We have initiated a number of activities of this nature at Porapara already, with great success.

We aim
– to arrange and run well-equipped facilities for production and experimentation to artists and researchers.

– to establish and nurture a strong network amongst artists and art organizations, at home and abroad.

– to operate a printing and publishing resource for artists and the local society.

– to provide a source of comprehensive information about the international contemporary art world to local artists and art-lovers.

– to enable a channel for decentralization of artistic activity outside of the capital and its institutions.

– to involve the villagers and rural society in an active engagement with the activity of art.

We are especially concerned to integrate a high awareness of natural and biological systems, ecology, and local habitat at all levels of development of the space.

Dream of Porapara

An artists lead alternative space

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