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Information about Porapara artists.


artist and director Nippon International Performance Art Festival – NIPAF

Seiji Shimoda is the most active performance artist in Japan. The field of performance art is now becoming one of the most exciting fields in the contemporary art scene in the world. He was invited to various kinds of Festivals, Museums, Theaters, and Art centers in over 20 countries in the world. Shimoda is 43 years old now, born in 1953 in Nagano city, 2 and a half hours from Tokyo by train, a very beautiful mountains area. He entered to high-school in 1969 and that time was the last moment of student movements in Japan, like anti-Viet Nam War, antipollution, anti-system, so on, like other western countries. He organized some demonstrations and meetings in his high school time. But in Japan, such student movements were completely defeated in the early ’70s. So he stopped going to high school in one year and traveled inside Japan by hitchhiking.

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Artist Talk by Hamja Ahsan

About Works And Activity of young artist and Curator Hamja Ahsan, 20 January -2010
Art Gallery Of Shilpakala Academy Chittagong

Hamja Ashan is an artist, writer and activist, known for his activism around his brother Syed Talha Ahsan’s extradition to the United States and his book, Shy Radicals: The Antisystemic Politics of the Militant Introvert.In his activism for his brother, he ran the Free Talha campaign. Since his brother’s release, he has continued to speak about the extradition process. In his book, Shy Radicals, he argues that shy people are oppressed and presents a constitution for Aspergistan, a state for shy people.He is also the co-founder of the DIY Cultures zine festival. He first released Shy Radicals at the festival.

Artist Hamja Ahsan at Patenga during Porapara short residency program 2010

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Abu Naser Robi

Leading performance artist, founder, and Chairman of Porapara Space for Artists.

Performance by Abu Naser Robi @ Nagano Mountain Stay during NIPAF International, Japan-2010

Mostly interested in Chinese Zen and Indian mythology as well as Islamic and Christian lore with spiritual implications, Abu Naser Robii has enabled the language of the performance art to speak for the ‘self’ that is under fire while entangled in the exterior realities of the present. The limits of modernism – the not so well-defined way of life that easily turns art into a commodity and also privileges archival efforts – are negated through the intervention of the body, this is how one may explain the efforts of this 30-plus artist.

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Joydeb Roaja

Joydeb Roaja and Toisha Roaja during the international performance art festival-2011

Born in 1973 at Khagrachori, Chittagong .he completed their M.F.A. in painting (1999) from Chittagong University, Joydeb Roaja is a dynamic Artist known for his painting and performance. He grew up in rural hilly land, and currently living and working in Chittagong, Bangladesh. He is the Vice-Chairman of Porapara Space For Artists and General Secretary (2019-2020) of Hill Artist Group. Most of his Paintings, Drawings

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