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Porapara – Stone & Water International artists residency program-2010

  • ASIAN ARTIST EXCHANGE RESIDENCY PROGRAM Stone and water (SK) and Porapara Space for Artists.

Supplement Space STONE&WATER is a nonprofit multi-arts space
situated on the footholds of Anyang River and non-operating
space of Seoksu Market, claiming to support “art in every day”
based on “public realm”, “locality” and “ecology”. Its aim
is to propel various experimental artistic activities and
projects through which art and life meet. The representative
projects that STONE&WATER directed in the last 8 years
include the opening exhibition “Living Furniture Exhibition”
in 2002, “Revival Exhibition” in 2003 which used the old
Anyang police station and jail, “2004 Anyang River Project-FLOW”
which linked the shutdown Samdeok Papermill and Anyang River
in 2004, “Seoksu Market Project” from 2005-2007, and “Educational
Art Project” from 2006-2007. Through developing the various art
and cultural programs through such activities, STONE&WATER has
contributed to the development in art and culture of the local
area, as well as having an impact on not only the art world but
in many areas of society.

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Open Studio event Of 2nd Porapara performance art workshop-2010

Date: Sunday, March 7, 2010 / Time: 5:00pm – 9:00pm Location: Chittagong Shilpakala Academy/ Chittagong/ Bangladesh

Porapara Space for artists organized a day-long performance art workshop outcome show in Chittagong Shilpakala academy Gallary venue. the program was scheduled from 5pm to 9 pm. Seiji Shimoda Japanese Most active and famous Performance artist and Director of NIPAF conduct the workshop for Bangladeshi local artists to introduce performance art with practical activities. The workshop was 2 days long and Artist Seiji Shimoda present his work and an archive of performance art history to make a clear realization. It was a wonderful and very successful workshop. The open studio event presents all participant’s performances in the space with the presence of many audiences.

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“Art can change life”

5th Porapara Public Art Workshop-2009

This project mainly concerns the everyday life of the inhabitants of Bijoy Nagar, Charbasti, and Dakshinpara locality, artistic research about the areas different life-related context and try to combine the context of reality and the contemporary conceptual art and interdisciplinary process. If it can be done successfully it can bring a noticeable and drastic change in the lifestyle of the inhabitants and set an example about the importance of conceptual art in social development. It will create a new social relation among art, artist, and audience.

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2nd Porapara Site-specific art camp -2010

1st Dec-5th Dec 2009, Khapar Para, Khagrachori, CHT.
Participants With Host Maa.

The Camp was dedicated to making options for its participants to explore themselves by the process of creation within a new environmental space which is located in Khagrachory, at the hill-track of Chittagong. Nature was composed of the river “Changi”, a wide rice field, and mountains covered by green. Life and nature were in a super ecological combination, the moon was in its full size and the season was for rice collection from the field. So the village was busy with the ending of the cropping.

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