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Artist stay and work with porapara.

Porapara AIR Program

Porapara Space for artists open door to artist, writer and art student to come and stay for their work and activities in Porapara AIR program. we open a new apartment with all needed facilities for living and working in porapara house. Please if you have a plan and any project to do with porapara please let us know with details by or call: 01575638307.

Floating Peers

Participant list:

Anna Knappe(Helsinki-Finland), A.K.M.Ariful Islam(Rajshahi), Aranya Sharma(Cox’s Bazar), Buddho Dev Mondal(Khulna), Chang Wan Wee(Anyang, South Korea), Chikahiro Hanamura(Osaka-Japan), Farah Naz Moon(Chittagong), Farhana Preya(Chittagong), Hossain Mahmood Rocky(Chittagong), Joydev Roaja(Chittagong), Jublee Dewan(Chittagong), Kalle Hamm(Helsinki-Finland), Masaki Morishima (Osaka-Japan), Maruf Adnan(Chittagong), Mishuk Ehsan(Chittagong), Meherun Akter(Chittagong), Mong mongshay (Dhaka University), NHM Abu Bakar (Professor, Dept of Philosophy, CU), Partho Protim Saha(Khulna), Rita Leppiniemi(Helsinki-Finland), Sanjeev maharjan(Nepal), Sarita Dongol(Katmundo-Nepal), Shaila Jinnat Runi(Khulna), So Young (South Korea), Santanu Mondal (Rajshahi), Shipon Ali PK(Rajshahi), Suchayan Paul(Chittagong), Sultana Nashrin Mumu (Rajshahi), Sumit Chakraborty(Chittagong), Syeda Neegar Banu(Khulna), Yongsung Behck(Ansan city, South Korea), Yun Hee Choi(South Korea) Zihan karim(Chittagong),


Floating Peers – 2013 is a project for socially engaged art practitioners produced jointly by Porapara Space for Artists, Bangladesh, and Artists’ Association MUU, Finland. Along with these two organizersCommunity Space Litmus from South Korea has been cooperating with the project as a partner. 37 participants from Bangladesh, Finland, India, Japan, Nepal, and South Korea will be participating in this event. The program will take place in the Porapara Space for Artists’at Patengaand in the urban environments of Chittagong city, Bangladesh.

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Porapara – Stone & Water International artists residency program-2010

  • ASIAN ARTIST EXCHANGE RESIDENCY PROGRAM Stone and water (SK) and Porapara Space for Artists.

Supplement Space STONE&WATER is a nonprofit multi-arts space
situated on the footholds of Anyang River and non-operating
space of Seoksu Market, claiming to support “art in every day”
based on “public realm”, “locality” and “ecology”. Its aim
is to propel various experimental artistic activities and
projects through which art and life meet. The representative
projects that STONE&WATER directed in the last 8 years
include the opening exhibition “Living Furniture Exhibition”
in 2002, “Revival Exhibition” in 2003 which used the old
Anyang police station and jail, “2004 Anyang River Project-FLOW”
which linked the shutdown Samdeok Papermill and Anyang River
in 2004, “Seoksu Market Project” from 2005-2007, and “Educational
Art Project” from 2006-2007. Through developing the various art
and cultural programs through such activities, STONE&WATER has
contributed to the development in art and culture of the local
area, as well as having an impact on not only the art world but
in many areas of society.

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Conceptual painting workshop

Conducted by: Spanish Artist Diaz Monus- Spain.
Workshop Venue: Fulki School, Nandan Kanon, Chittagong.

Date: 8-14th September-2011

Spanish artist Mr. Diaz Monus conducts a conceptual painting workshop at porapara with the art student from Chittagong. 24 young artists were benefited directly from the workshop, the trainer artist introduce the everyday object as an art material for making the painting. during the workshop, the student and instructor produce approximately 200 pieces of painting. we exhibit 65 selected paintings for the audience at the end of the workshop, we use the Fulki school venue as the workshop venue and exhibit the outcome of the workshop in the Theatre Institute of Chittagong. the show was open to the public for 10 days. we publish a little publication about the activities.

1st Porapara video art workshop

workshop logo

Porapara space for artists organized a 15days long video art workshop for art students to implement video art with an educational approach, Korean video artist Mr.Jewn Park conduct the workshop with the technical cooperation of porapara team. 15 art students participated in the workshop. We organized a 3 days open studio event at Jila Shilpakala Academy, Chittagong which was open for all.

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“Art can change life”

5th Porapara Public Art Workshop-2009

This project mainly concerns the everyday life of the inhabitants of Bijoy Nagar, Charbasti, and Dakshinpara locality, artistic research about the areas different life-related context and try to combine the context of reality and the contemporary conceptual art and interdisciplinary process. If it can be done successfully it can bring a noticeable and drastic change in the lifestyle of the inhabitants and set an example about the importance of conceptual art in social development. It will create a new social relation among art, artist, and audience.

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Internatinal Artists Residency in Porapara-2008

Porapara Space for artists invited Nepali artists Mr. Sunil Singdal, Mr. Prithibi Serestha and Srilankan Artist Mr.Thshath Thoradanya to have a residency in porapara in September-2008.

Mr. Sunil Singdal,Mr.Prithibi Serestha ( Nepal) and Artist Mr.Thshath Thoradanya ( Srilanka)

Porapara Space for artists invited Nepali artists Mr. Sunil Singdal, Mr. Prithibi Serestha, and Srilankan Artist Mr.Thshath Thoradanya to have a residency in porapara in September-2008.

Artist was participating in many events during the residency period. Porapara and Britto Arts trust jointly organized a show to present the outcome of residency, the venue of the show was Theater Institute Chittagong.

2nd Britto Students residency program-2007


Britto Arts trust is very happy to organize the Student’s residency at Porapara Art Space in July-2007. This is the third residency program of the students that have been organized along with the Santua Art Foundation in Chittagong. Although it has been raining almost every day, these young artists were quite desperate to utilize their time during the month-long residency and produce a substantial amount of work which is going to be displayed on the open studio day on 31st July 2007.

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