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artist and director Nippon International Performance Art Festival – NIPAF

Seiji Shimoda is the most active performance artist in Japan. The field of performance art is now becoming one of the most exciting fields in the contemporary art scene in the world. He was invited to various kinds of Festivals, Museums, Theaters, and Art centers in over 20 countries in the world. Shimoda is 43 years old now, born in 1953 in Nagano city, 2 and a half hours from Tokyo by train, a very beautiful mountains area. He entered to high-school in 1969 and that time was the last moment of student movements in Japan, like anti-Viet Nam War, antipollution, anti-system, so on, like other western countries. He organized some demonstrations and meetings in his high school time. But in Japan, such student movements were completely defeated in the early ’70s. So he stopped going to high school in one year and traveled inside Japan by hitchhiking.

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Out-come exhibition of the 2nd Site-Specific Art Camp-2009

Porapara Space for artists Organized an Outcome exhibition in Alliance Français de Chittagong. It was presenting 2nd porapara Site-specific art camp activities in a gallery space. last 1st-5th December porapara artists set a camp to realize a roral community in Khagrachori, the village called Khamar para near the river Changi. Artists meet the people and get experience about their life and living and try to reflect the space and stories. 8 artists have joined that camp. the show is presenting the activities and somebody of work done in the camp.