Porapara International Performance art Festival

Porapara Space for Artist organized the event with the cooperation of NIPAF (Nippon International Performance art Festival) Director of NIPAF visited Porapara with 2 short performance art workshops as preparation for the festival, The event gathered artists from Japan and Korea in Bangladesh, Japan Foundation support the project as Nipaf Asia tour and Art council Korea support Korean artist to join in the program. We got worm support from A.K.KHAN FOUNDATION, Chittagong, Art & Bangladesh, Dhaka Art Center, Institute of Fine Arts, Chittagong University, and Some other personals in Chittagong, We would like to say thanks to all participating artists, technical hands, and professionals who made it happened and successful.


To introduce an effective art form to the audience and practicing artists in Bangladesh.
To build a comprehensive communication network among Asian cultural activists through dialogue
and artistic act and to ensure inclusion of all artists, professionals and
also audience.
To infuse the local cultural environment with new ideas, discourses and actions, and to ensure that
all our activities have a positive direction.
To strengthen the basis for such unconventional artistic practices with the strong focus on future
cultural progress and the development of the art market in Bangladesh.

A. Dhaka Art Center
B. Institute of Fine Arts, Chittagong University, Chittagong
Date and time:
31st Jan 2011-
All Participant artists will meet in Chittagong Institute of fine art – 10am
Press conference in Institute of fine art -11.30am
Performance and presentation event-1 -3.30-7.30pm

1st Feb 2011
Site visit -10am-01pm
Performance and presentation event-2 -3.30-7.30pm

2nd Feb2011
Site visit -10am-01pm
Performance and presentation event-3 -3.30-7.30pm
Move to Dhaka by train -11pm

3rd Feb 2011
Performance and presentation event-4 In Dhaka Art Center -3.30-7.30pm

4th Feb 2011
Say Good bye
Participants :

International Participants

Seiji Shimoda(Japan), Osamu Kuroda(Japan), Harumi Terao(Japan)’ Meba Kurata(Japan)’ Bumpei Suzuki(Japan)’ Masaki Hirose(Japan)’ Noriko Horii(Japan)’ Momo Takahashi(Japan)’ Seiko Kitayama(Japan)’ Ryosuke Tanaka(Japan)’ Yuto Nishioka (Japan)’ Moohye (South Korea)

Local Participants:

Kalidas Karmakar’ Rokea Sultana’ Rony Ahmed’ Raihan Ahmed Rafi’ Reetu Satter’ Dilara Begum Jolly’ Nilufar Chaman’ Hasnahena porosh’ Zahed Ali Chowdhury’ Shaela Sharmin’ Joydeb Roaza’ Manjur Ahmed’ Shatabdi Some’ Arannya Sharma’ Palash Bhattacharjee’ Sanjoy Chakraborti’ Ripon Saha’ Sharad Das’ Bulbul Islam’ Afsana Sharmin’ Farah Naz Moon’ Fahima Binte Zahed’ Meherun Akter Sumi’ Smita Purokayashtho’ Zihan Karim’ Jessica Tasnim’ Syeda Korimunnesa.

Artist Seiji Shimoda(Japan)

Artist Osamu Kuroda(Japan)

Artist Harumi Terao(Japan)

Artist Meba Kurata(Japan)

Artist Bumpei Suzuki(Japan)

Artist Masaki Hirose(Japan)

Artist Noriko Horii(Japan)

Artist Momo Takahashi(Japan)

Artist Seiko Kitayama(Japan)

Artist Ryosuke Tanaka(Japan)

Artist Yuto Nishioka (Japan)

Artist Moohye (South Korea)

Artist Rokea Sultana,Dhaka

Artist Raihan Ahmed Rafi,Chittagong

Artist Dilara Begum Jolly(Chittagong)

Artist Nilufar Chaman(Chittagong)

Artist Hasnahena porosh(Chittagong)

Artist Zahed Ali Chowdhury(Chittagong)

Artist Shaela Sharmin(Chittagong)

Artist Joydeb Roaza(Chittagong)

Artist Manjur Ahmed(Chittagong)

Artist Satabdhi Shom

Artist Sayeda Karimunnesa ( Chittagong)

Artists Bulbu Islam(Chittagong)

Artist Palash Bhattacharjee(Chittagong)

Artist Sanjoy Chakraborti(Chittagong)

Artist Ripon Saha(Chittagong)

Artist Sharad Das(Chittagong)

Artist Afsana Sharmin Zhuma(Chittagong)

Artist Farah Naz Moon(Chittagong)

Artist Fahima Binte Zahed(Chittagong)

Artist Meherun Akter Sumi(Chittagong)

Artist Smita Purokayashtho(Chittagong)

Artist Zihan Karim(Chittagong)

Artist Jessica Tasnim(Chittagong)

Artist Aranya Sharma(Chittagong)

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