Porapara Space for Artists, an artist-led organization that facilitates artists in their efforts to frame new ideas and expressions that strive to go beyond the modernist traditions and norms. Porpara was founded in 2004 by Artists Abu Naser Robii, with the active cooperation of Artists Joydeb Roaja, Artist Hasna Hena Parash, Artist Lucky Barua, Artist Raihan Ahamed Rafi, and Satadat Barua.

Artist Dhai al Mamoon, Moinul Alam, Mahbubur Rahman, and Tayeba Begum Lipi have closely supported this initiative. Many young and emerging artists from Chittagong and other areas get engaged with its regular activities.

An Active working Team of young artists including Afsana Sharmin Zhuma, Rashidul Hasan Sharif, Bulbul Isam, Palash Bhattacarya, Ripon Saha, Farah Naz Moon, and Sharad Das support Porapara Operation from 2007 to 2012.

Porapara has organized 95+ events like artist workshops, Artist talks, critical discussion, exhibitions, and art camps from 2004 to 2018. Due to challenging situations and some unavoidable issues, Porapara stopped its activities from 2019 to 2021. Nowadays it is starting with a new look and new concept. it will reopen its new programs to impact in future art era nationally and internationally.

To know more about Porapara Project

Floating Peers

Participant list: Anna Knappe(Helsinki-Finland), A.K.M.Ariful Islam(Rajshahi), Aranya Sharma(Cox’s Bazar), Buddho Dev Mondal(Khulna), Chang Wan Wee(Anyang, South Korea), Chikahiro Hanamura(Osaka-Japan), Farah Naz Moon(Chittagong), Farhana Preya(Chittagong), Hossain Mahmood Rocky(Chittagong), Joydev Roaja(Chittagong), Jublee Dewan(Chittagong), Kalle Hamm(Helsinki-Finland), Masaki Morishima (Osaka-Japan), Maruf Adnan(Chittagong), Mishuk Ehsan(Chittagong), Meherun Akter(Chittagong), Mong mongshay (Dhaka University), NHM Abu Bakar (Professor, Dept of Philosophy, CU), Partho … Continue reading Floating Peers

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Porapara – Stone & Water International artists residency program-2010

ASIAN ARTIST EXCHANGE RESIDENCY PROGRAM Stone and water (SK) and Porapara Space for Artists. Supplement Space STONE&WATER is a nonprofit multi-arts spacesituated on the footholds of Anyang River and non-operatingspace of Seoksu Market, claiming to support “art in every day”based on “public realm”, “locality” and “ecology”. Its aimis to propel various experimental artistic activities andprojects … Continue reading Porapara – Stone & Water International artists residency program-2010

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Conceptual painting workshop

Conducted by: Spanish Artist Diaz Monus- Spain. Workshop Venue: Fulki School, Nandan Kanon, Chittagong. Date: 8-14th September-2011 Spanish artist Mr. Diaz Monus conducts a conceptual painting workshop at porapara with the art student from Chittagong. 24 young artists were benefited directly from the workshop, the trainer artist introduce the everyday object as an art material … Continue reading Conceptual painting workshop

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